Friday, 12 April 2013

Canal wildlife through the porthole

As a tiny business, we always have a deadline for something looming over hurried Weetabix and rushed elevenses. But the problem with living on the canals is that at this time of year, it's impossible to keep your eyes focused on a laptop when there's so much happening outside the boat.

This morning I 'wasted' time watching the reeds opposite the Coolcanals boat. They're hiding a nest. Only the little red speck of her bill gives the show away. Then HE arrives with purpose, to and fro, to and fro... With attitude, he's on a mission to bring her the best possible reeds to make the perfect nest for their babies.

On his way through the reeds to the nest, reed in bill 

Handing over the reed to her in the well-camouflaged nest

Same place last August - the happy result of such hard work!

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