Thursday, 15 April 2010

Girls and beer

Is it just me, or is everyone talking about women trying to like beer these days? Supping a pint of mild has never been so girlie-cool. Can't see what all the sudden fuss is about myself, but I was one of the lucky ones...I had a mother who weaned me to beer. A family generation later, in the maternity ward when my son was born, the nurses encouraged us new mums to sip small amounts of Guinness to help the milk. And my son, too, makes his own CAMRA banners now he's old enough.

Dea Latis is punting the pleasures of ale to women. This feisty lipstick-beer movement drives new ideas such as fancy glasses with stems, paler golden ales and seductively named brews specially marketed at women. We're told ale is nutritious and beneficial. We're comforted that it's not a sealed contract for a rotund figure and unwanted hair growth around the chin.

But why so defensive? Is the beer and gender debate really more about a stale mandate of femininity than actually how masculine a drink is! Come on girls, let's not apologise for ourselves... if we don't like beer, don't drink it... and if we do - then let's embrace those white frothy moustaches and hoppy bellifuls of wholesome fart-inducing ale.

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