Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The SLIBA awards (Stolen Library book Awards)

Hmmm, so you don't have to be a goody-two-shoes to want to read books these days. Ok, I confess we just made SLIBA awards title up in the coolcanals office, but it's true that there really are charts for the top 10 most stolen books from libraries.

How fierce is the competition in this field? An article published in The Scotsman last week by Michael MacLeod said, Roll over JK Rowling – library thieves want rival author's books. Apparently Jacqueline Wilson has overtaken Harry Potter author JK Rowling as the writer whose books are most stolen from Scotland's libraries.

Top 10 in the 'stolen' chart

  1. Jacqueline Wilson

  2. SQA school books

  3. James Patterson

  4. Francesca Simon

  5. Nora Roberts

  6. JK Rowling

  7. Enid Blyton

  8. Julia Donaldson

  9. Matt Groening

  10. Jodi Picoult

(Crickey! Enid Blyton readers in there too!!)

Titter or tight-lipped tut?

Amusing, yes, a bit disturbing, yes.

And will I secretly be peeping to see if any of our Coolcanals books reach these charts ;) ?

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